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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Philosophy On The Air!

I missed this story when it first appeared in the Los Angeles Times, but it's a cool one. A couple of philosophy professors have a radio show in which they discuss--what else?--philosophy.

Here's the link to the story:
Click here: Yeah, these philosophy professors will give it some thought - Los Angeles Times

In these uncertain times, people are struggling to make sense of their lives, to find sources of meaning and solace. I've read that so-called "philosophy clubs" are springing up all over the country, in which people get together to discuss the issues of the day in the broader context of idea and meaning that philosophy posits. There's even a guy going around hosting what he calls "the Socrates Cafe," a kind of philosophy seminar on the road.

More power to them. If the perennial treasures that the pursuit of wisdom offer were ever needed as a balm to a troubled world, now is that time.

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