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Friday, June 19, 2009

FYI: My latest from The Huffington Post...

As many of you know, I do a regular column for The Huffington Post. Here's the latest....

Click here: Dennis Palumbo: Hate-Speech: The Real Pandemic

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Mythos2001 said...

Speaking of philosphy,
how do you reconcile the personal, the public persona, and the philosophical implications when there is a deep chasm between the two?

As someone who was crippled by their husband, both physically, mentally, and professionally, I struggle with this constantly. My husband has a public persona of one who is benign, caring, healing. And yet my child and I know him to be a cruel narcissistic person who has ultimately caused me physical harm, more than once. What are your thoughts on the philosophical ramifications of someone who lives in this manner? What is ultimately more important? The essentially false persona maintained for his own benefit, to receive public approbation, and to make a profit? Or the ever escalating damage he causes his wife and young child? I hope that as a well regarded psychotherapist you can address these quandaries.