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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Foyle's War Comes to an End

After bashing (slightly) a recent episode of Foyle's War on PBS's Masterpiece Mystery for its depiction of male therapists as thieves, blackmailers and killers, I have to admit it was hard to see the series come to an end this past Sunday.

The final episode was a strong one, and the interweaving of the war's end with the mystery itself was well done. As usual for the entire run of the series, the writing, acting and direction were first-rate. Plus the production designers did a great job evoking the world of WW II Britain.

I've been a fan of the series since its inception, and am truly sorry to see it go.

Perhaps creator Anthony Horowitz and his team will be entreated to give us a post-war glimpse of these characters in a stand-alone episode in the near future. After all, post-war Britain was a very different place than it had been during the five years of war.

In fact, so completely did the British public want to throw off the memory and deprivation of that time that they chose not to re-elect Winston Churchill as Prime Minister, even while acknowledging his crucial role in guiding the nation and inspiring the nation's citizens during the conflict. But the people wanted to move on...which might make for an interesting new angle with which to view Christopher Foyle and his friends.

Just a thought. Regardless, my appreciation to all involved for a wonderful series.

Next up from Masterpiece Mystery: the Inspector Lynley Mysteries, based on the series of novels by Elizabeth George.


marahanna said...

Hi, Mr Palumbo. I heard your interview on an NPR station yesterday and appreciated your thoughts on the particular psychology of being an actor or writer or director in Los Angeles. I aspire to do these things but find I have to focus on just personal, healing work for now; even though I am not actively working, some of your comments were really helpful. There are things pparticular to the Hollywood culture that stand in the way of a person's working creatively that you articulated really helpfully. Thanks again.

Dave Congalton said...

The obvious question, Dennis, is how long will it be before we see an American version of this TV series?????